Chú Giải Ngắn của P D. Ouspensky

Chú Giải Ngắn theo Cuốn "The Symbolism of the Tarot" của P D. Ouspensky [1913]

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Card I.--"The Magician".
"Man" Superman. The Initiate. The Occultist. Higher consciousness. Human Logos. The kabalistic "Adam Kadmon". Humanity. "Homo Sapiens".

Card II.--"The High Priestess".
Occultism. Esoterism. Mysticism. Theosophy. Initiation. Isis. Mystery.

Card III.--"The Empress".
Nature in its phenomenal aspect. The ever renewing and re-creating force of Nature. The objective reality.

Card IV.--"The Emperor".
Tetragrammaton. The law of four. Latent energy of Nature. Logos in the full aspect with all possibilities of the new Logos. Hermetic philosophy.

Card V.--"The Chariot".
"Man." The Imagination. Magic. Self-suggestion. Self deceit. Artificial means of attainment. Pseudo-occultism. Pseudo-theosophy.

Card VI.--"The Lovers".
"Man". Another aspect of the "Adam Kadmon", the "Perfect Man", "The divine androgyne". Love as the efforts of "Adam Kadmon" to find himself. The equilibrium of contraries. The unification of the duad, as the means of attaining the Light.

Card VII.--"The Hierophant".
Mysticism. Theosophy. Esoteric side of all religions.

Card VIII.--"Strength".
The Real Power. Strength of love. Strength of Union (Magic chain). Strength of the Infinite. Occultism. Esoterism. Theosophy.

Card IX.--"The Hermit".
"Man". The Path to the Initiation. Seeking for truth in the right way. Inner Knowledge. Inner Light. Inner Force. Theosophy. Occultism.

Card X.--"The Wheel of Chance".
The Wheel of Life. The life ever changing and ever remaining the same. The Circle of Time and the four elements. The idea of the circle.

Card XI. -"Justice".
Truth. Real Knowledge. Inner Truth. Occultism. Esoterism. Theosophy.

Card XII.--"The Hanged Man".
"Man". The Pain of the higher consciousness bound by the limitations of the body and mind. Superman in the separate man.

Card XIII.--"Death".
Another aspect of Life. Going away in order to come back at the same time. Completion of the circle.

Card XIV.--"Temperance". (Time).
The first attainment. The "Arcanum Magnum" of the occultists. The Fourth Dimension. Higher space. "Eternal Now".

Card XV.--"The Devil".
"Man". Weakness. Falsehood. The Fall of man into separateness, into hatred and into finiteness.

Card XVI.--"The Tower".
Sectarianism. Tower of Babel. Exoterism. Confusion of tongues. Fall of exoterism. The force of Nature re-establishing the truth distorted by men.

Card XVII.--"The Star".
The real aspect of the Astral World. That which maybe seen in extasy. The imagination of Nature. Real Knowledge. Occultism.

Card XVIII.--"The Moon".
The Astral World as it is seen by the artificial means of magic. "Psychic", "spiritistic" world. Dreads of the night. The real light from above and the false representation of that light from below. Pseudo-mysticism.

Card XIX.--"The Sun".
The Symbol and manifestation of the tetragrammaton. Creative power. Fire of life.

Card XX.--"Judgment".
The resurrection. Constant victory of life over death. Creative activity of nature in the death.

Card XXI.--"World".
Nature. The World as it is. Nature in its noumenal aspect. Esoteric side of nature. That which is made known in esoterism. Inner reality of things. Human consciousness in the circle of time between the four elements.

Card 0.--"The Fool".
"Man." An ordinary man. A separate man. The uninitiate Lower consciousness. The end of a ray not knowing its relation to the centre. Protection Status
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