Chú Giải Ngắn của Papus (G.A.V Encausse)

Chú Giải Ngắn theo "The Tarot of the Bohemians" By Papus -  Gérard -Anaclet-Vincent Encausse (1865) 

Major Arcana

1. The Juggler signifies MALE INQUIRER.

2. The High Priestess  signifies FEMALE INQUIRER.

3. The Empress  signifies ACTION. INITIATIVE.

4. The Emperor  signifies WILL

5. The Pope signifies INSPIRATION.

6. The Lovers signifies LOVE.

8. Justice  signifies JUSTICE.

9. The Hermit  signifies PRUDENCE.

10. The Wheel of Fortune  signifies FORTUNE. DESTINY.

11. Strength  signifies STRENGTH. FORTITUDE.

12. The Hanged Man  signifies TRIALS. SACRIFICE.

13. Death  signifies DEATH.

14. Temperance  signifies TEMPERANCE. ECONOMY.

15. The Devil  signifies IMMENSE FORCE. ILLNESS.

16. The Lightning-struck Tower  signifies RUIN. DECEPTION.

17. The Stars  signifies HOPE.

18. The Moon  signifies HIDDEN ENEMIES. DANGER.


20. The Judgment  signifies CHANGE OF POSITION.

21. The Foolish Man  signifies INCONSIDERATE ACTIONS. MADNESS.

22. The Universe  signifies ASSURED SUCCESS.SCEPTRES.

Minor Arcana

SCEPTRES: Creation. Enterprise. Agriculture.

KING. The King of Sceptres symbolizes a dark man, a friend. He generally represents a married man, the father of a family.

QUEEN. A dark woman, a friend. Represents a serious woman, a very good counsellor, often the mother of a family.

KNIGHT. A dark young man, a friend.

KNAVE. A dark child, a friend. Also represents a message from a near relation.

ACE OF SCEPTRES. Commencement of an Enterprise.

TWO. Opposition to the commencement of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is commenced when an unexpected obstacle suddenly prevents its execution.

THREE. Realization of the commencement of the Enterprise.

The basis of the work is now definitely established, and the undertaking can be fearlessly continued.

FOUR. Obstacles to the Enterprise.

Nothing can be accomplished without obstacles. We therefore now find them appearing, and must prepare ourselves to overcome them.

FIVE. Opposition to the obstacles. Victory after surmounting them.

Six. Realization of the opposition.

At last the obstacles succeed. Failure of the Enterprise in the midst of its execution.

SEVEN. Certain success to the Enterprise.

EIGHT. Opposition to its success. The Enterprise will only partially succeed.

NINE. Realization of success. Success is continued.

TEN. Uncertainty in the management of the Enterprise.

CUPS.Preservation. Love. Instruction.

KING OF CUPS. A fair man, a friend. This card also represents a barrister, judge, or ecclesiastic. It symbolizes a Bachelor.

QUEEN OF CUPS. A fair woman, a friend. The woman loved. The Mistress.

KNIGHT OF CUPS. A young fair man, a friend. The young man loved. The Lover.

KNAVE OF CUPS. A fair child. A messenger. Birth.

ACE OF CUPS. Commencement of a love affair.

Two. Opposition to this commencement. Unimportant obstacles raised by one of the lovers.

THREE. Realization of this commencement. The love is mutual.

FOUR. Serious obstacles to the love. They arise from other persons, not from the lovers.

FIVE. Opposition to the obstacles. Victory over the obstacles after a struggle.

Six. The obstacles triumph. Love destroyed in the midst of happiness. Widowhood.

SEVEN. Success assured to the lovers.

EIGHT. Partial failure of love. Love only partially succeeds.

NINE. Motherhood.

TEN. Uncertainty in the management of the love affair.

SWORDS.Transformation. Hatred. War.

KING OF SWORDS. A dark, bad man. He is a soldier, a powerful enemy, who must be distrusted.

QUEEN OF SWORDS. A dark wicked woman. The card also indicates her actions, gossip and calumnies.

KNIGHT. A young, dark man, an enemy. He is also a spy.

KNAVE. A child, an enemy. Bad news. Delay.

The figures generally indicate opposition raised outside the house.

ACE OF SWORDS. Commencement of enmity.

TWO. Opposition to this commencement. The enmity does not last.

THREE. Realization of the enmity. Hatred.

FOUR. Opposition to the hatred. Success against the enemy.

FIVE. Opposition to this opposition. The enemy triumphs at the moment one fancies the victory is secured.

SIX. Equilibrium of the opposition. The enemy is rendered powerless at last.

SEVEN. Success assured to the enemy.

EIGHT. Partial opposition to this success. The enemy only partially triumphs.

NINE. Certain duration of the hatred.

TEN. Uncertainty in the enmity.

PENTACLES.Development. Money. Trade.

KING OF PENTACLES. A fair man, inimical or indifferent.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES. A fair woman, indifferent, or inimical.

KNIGHT. A young, fair man. A stranger. An arrival.

KNAVE. A fair child. A messenger. A letter.

The figures of the Pentacles are inverse to those of the Sceptres and Cups, and indicate all that comes from outside, from the country or abroad.

ACE OF PENTACLES. Commencement of fortune. Inheritance. Gifts. Economy, etc., etc.

Two. Opposition to this commencement. Difficulty in well establishing the first landmarks of good fortune.

THREE. Realization of this commencement of fortune. A small sum.

FOUR. Opposition of fortune. Loss of money.

FIVE. Opposition to this opposition. A success coming which will balance the low.

Six. Realization of the opposition. Ruin.

SEVEN. Success assured. A large fortune.

EIGHT. Partial success. Great loss of money at the moment apparently of definitely securing the fortune.

NINE. Equilibrium of Equilibrium. A durable fortune.

TEN. Uncertainty in the fortune. Great success and great reverses. Protection Status
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