Chú Giải Ngắn của S. L. MacGregor Mathers

Chú Giải Ngắn theo "The Tarot: Its Occult Significance, Use in Fortune-Telling, and Method of Play, Etc." của S. L. MacGregor Mathers [1888]

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Major Arcana

1. The Juggler.--Will, Will-Power, Dexterity; 
R. Will applied to evil endsWeakness of Will, Cunning, Knavishness.

2. The High Priestess.--Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education; 
R. Conceit, Ignorance, Unskilfulness, Superficial Knowledge.

3. The Empress.--Action, Plan, Undertaking Movement in a matter, Initiative; 
R. Inaction, Frittering away of power, Want of Concentration Vacillation.

4. The Emperor.--Realisation, Effect, Development; 
R. Stoppage, Check, Immature, Unripe.

5. The Hierophant or Pope. Mercy, Beneficence Kindness, Goodness; 
R. Over-kindness, weakness, Foolish exercise of generosity.

6. The Lovers.--Wise Dispositions, Proof, Trials Surmounted; R. Unwise Plans, Failure when put to the test.

7. The Chariot.--Triumph, Victory, Overcoming obstacles; 
R. Overthrown, Conquered by Obstacles at the last moment.

8. Themis, or Justice. Equilibrium, Balance, Justice; 
R. Bigotry, Want of Balance, Abuse of Justice, Over-severity, Inequality, Bias.

9. The Hermit.--Prudence, Caution, Deliberation; 
R. Over-prudence, Timorousness, Fear.

10. The Wheel of Fortune.--Good Fortune, Success, Unexpected Luck; 
R. Ill-Fortune, Failure, Unexpected Ill-Luck.

11. Strength, or Fortitude.--Power, Might, Force, Strength, Fortitude; 
R. Abuse of Power, Overbearingness, Want of Fortitude.

12. The Hanged Man.--Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound; 
R. Selfishness, Unbound, Partial sacrifice.

13. Death.--Death, Change, Transformation, Alteration for the worse; 
R. Death just escaped, Partial change, Alteration for the better.

14. Temperance.--Combination, Conformation, Uniting; 
R. Ill-advised combinations, Disunion, Clashing interests, &c.

15. The Devil.--Fatality for Good; 
R. Fatality for Evil.

16. The Lightning-struck Tower.--Ruin, Disruption, Over-throw, Loss, Bankruptcy; 
R. These in a more or less partial degree.

17. The Star.--Hope, Expectation, Bright promises; 
R. Hopes not fulfilled, Expectations disappointed or fulfilled in a minor degree.

18. The Moon.--Twilight, Deception, Error; 
R. Fluctuation, slight Deceptions, Trifling Mistakes.

19. The Sun.--Happiness, Content, Joy; 
R. These in a minor degree.

20. The Last Judgment.--Renewal, Result, Determination of a Matter; 
R. Postponement of Result, Delay, Matter re-opened later.

0. The Foolish Man.--Folly, Expiation, Wavering; 
R. Hesitation, Instability, Trouble arising herefrom.

21. The Universe.--Completion, Good Reward; 
R. Evil Reward, or Recompense.

Minor Arcana


22. King of Sceptres.--Man living in the country, Country Gentleman, Knowledge, Education; 
R. A naturally good but severe man, Counsel, Advice, Deliberation.

23. Queen of Sceptres.--Woman living in the country, Lady of the Manor, Love of Money, Avarice, Usury; 
R. A good a virtuous Woman, but strict and economical, Obstacles, Resistance, Opposition.

24. Knight of Sceptres.--Departure, Separation, Disunion;
R. Rupture, Discord, Quarrel.

25. Knave of Sceptres.--A Good Stranger, Good News, Pleasure, Satisfaction; 
R. Ill News, Displeasure, Chagrin, Worry.

26. Ten of Sceptres.--Confidence, Security, Honour, Good Faith; 
R. Treachery, Subterfuge, Duplicity, Bar.

27. Nine of Sceptres.--Order, Discipline, Good Arrangement, Disposition; 
R. Obstacles, Crosses, Delay, Displeasure.

28. Eight of Sceptres.--Understanding, Observation, Direction; 
R. Quarrels, Intestine disputes, Discord.

29. Seven of Sceptres.--Success, Gain, Advantage, Profit, Victory; 
R. Indecision, Doubt, Hesitation, Embarrassment, Anxiety.

30. Six of Sceptres.--Attempt, Hope, Desire, Wish, Expectation; 
R. Infidelity, Treachery, Disloyalty, Perfidy.

31. Five of Sceptres.--Gold, Opulence, Gain, Heritage, Riches, Fortune, Money; 
R. Legal proceedings, Judgment, Law, Lawyer, Tribunal.

32. Four of Sceptres.--Society, Union, Association, Concord, Harmony; 
R. Prosperity, Success, Happiness, Advantage.

33. Three of Sceptres.--Enterprise, Undertaking, Commerce, Trade, Negotiation; 
R. Hope, Desire, Attempt, Wish.

34. Deuce of Sceptres.--Riches, Fortune, Opulence, Magnificence, Grandeur; 
R. Surprise, Astonishment, Event, Extraordinary Occurrence.

35. Ace of Sceptres.--Birth, Commencement, Beginning, Origin, Source; 
R. Persecution, Pursuits Voilence, Vexation, Cruelty, Tyranny.


36. King of Cups.--A fair Man, Goodness, Kindness, Liberality, Generosity; 
R. A Man of good position, but shifty in his Dealings, Distrust, Doubt, Suspicion.

37. Queen of Cups.--A fair Woman, Success, Happiness, Advantage, Pleasure; 
R. A Woman in good position, but intermeddling, and to be distrusted; Success, but with some attendant trouble.

38. Knight of Cups.--Arrival, Approach, Advance; 
R. Duplicity, Abuse of Confidence, Fraud, Cunning.

39. Knave of Cups.--A fair Youth, Confidence, Probity, Discretion, Integrity; 
R. A Flatterer, Deception, Artifice.

40. Ten of Cups.--The Town wherein one resides, Honour, Consideration, Esteem, Virtue, Glory, Reputation; 
R. Combat, Strife, Opposition, Differences, Dispute.

41. Nine of Cups.--Victory, Advantage, Success, Triumph, Difficulties surmounted; 
R. Faults, Errors, Mistakes, Imperfections.

42. Eight of Cups.--A fair Girl, Friendship, Attachment, Tenderness; 
R. Gaiety, Feasting, Joy, Pleasure.

43. Seven of Cups.--Idea, Sentiment, Reflection, Project; 
R. Plan, Design, Resolution, Decision.

44. Six of Cups.--The Past, passed by, Faded, Vanished, Disappeared; 
R. The Future, that which is to come, Shortly, Soon.

45. Five of Cups.--Union, Junction, Marriage, Inheritance; 
R. Arrival, Return, News, Surprise, False projects.

46. Four of Cups.--Ennui, Displeasure, Discontent, Dissatisfaction; 
R. New Acquaintance, Conjecture, Sign, Presentiment.

47. Three of Cups.--Success, Triumph, Victory, Favourable issue; 
R. Expedition of business, Quickness, Celerity, Vigilance.

48. Deuce of Cups.--Love, Attachment, Friendship, Sincerity, Affection; 
R. Crossed desires, Obstacles, Opposition, Hindrance.

49. Ace of Cups.--Feasting, Banquet, Good Cheer; 
R. Change, Novelty, Metamorphosis, Inconstancy.


50. King of Swords.--A Lawyer, a Man of Law, Power, Command, Superiority, Authority; 
R. A Wicked Man, Chagrin, Worry, Grief, Fear, Disturbance.

51. Queen of Swords.--Widowhood, Loss, Privation, Absence, Separation; 
R. A Bad Woman, ill-tempered and bigoted, Riches and Discord, Abundance together with Worry, Joy with Grief.

52. Knight of Swords.--A Soldier, a man whose profession is arms, Skilfulness, Capacity, Address, Promptitude; 
R. A conceited fool, Ingenuousness, Simplicity.

53. Knave of Swords.--A Spy, Overlooking, Authority; 
R. That which is unforeseen, Vigilance, Support.

54. Ten of Swords.--Tears, Affliction, Grief, Sorrow; 
R. Passing Success, Momentary Advantage.

55. Nine of Swords.--An Ecclesiastic, a Priest, Conscience. Probity, Good Faith, Integrity; 
R. Wise distrust, Suspicion, Fear, Doubt, Shady character.

56. Eight of Swords.--Sickness, Calumny, Criticism, Blame; 
R. Treachery in the Past, Event, Accident, Remarkable Incident.

57. Seven of Swords.--Hope, Confidence, Desire, Attempt, Wish; 
R. Wise Advice, Good Counsel, Wisdom, Prudence, Circumspection.

58. Six of Swords.--Envoy, Messenger, Voyage, Travel; 
R. Declaration, Love proposed, Revelation, Surprise.

59. Five of Swords.--Mourning, Sadness, Affliction; 
R. Losses Trouble (same signification, whether reversed or not.)

60. Four of Swords.--Solitude, Retreat, Abandonment, Solitary, Hermit; 
R. Economy, Precaution, Regulation of Expenditure.

61. Three of Swords.--A Nun, Separation, Removal, Rupture, Quarrel; 
R. Error, Confusion, Misrule, Disorder.

62. Deuce of Swords.--Friendship, Valour, Firmness, Courage; 
R. False Friends, Treachery, Lies.

63. Ace of Swords.--Triumph, Fecundity, Fertility, Prosperity; 
R. Embarrassment, Foolish and Hopeless Love, Obstacle, Hindrance.


64. King of Pentacles.--A dark Man, Victory, Bravery, Courage, Success; 
R. An old and vicious Man, a Dangerous Man, Doubt, Fear, Peril, Danger.

65. Queen of Pentacles.--A dark Woman, a generous Woman, Liberality, Greatness of Soul, Generosity; 
R. Certain Evil, a suspicious Woman, a Woman justly regarded with Suspicion, Doubt, Mistrust.

66. Knight of Pentacles.--A useful Man, Trustworthy, Wisdom, Economy, Order, Regulation; 
R. A brave Man, but out of Employment, Idle, Unemployed, Negligent.

67. Knave of Pentacles.--A dark Youth, Economy, Order, Rule, Management; 
R. Prodigality, Profusion, Waste, Dissipation.

68. Ten of Pentacles.--House, Dwelling, Habitation, Family; 
R. Gambling, Dissipation, Robbery, Loss.

69. Nine of Pentacles.--Discretion, Circumspection, Prudence, Discernment; 
R. Deceit, Bad faith, Artifices, Deception.

70. Eight of Pentacles.--A dark Girl, Beauty, Candour, Chastity, Innocence, Modesty; 
R. Flattery, Usury, Hypocrisy, Shifty.

71. Seven of Pentacles.--Money, Finance, Treasure, Gain, Profit; 
R. Disturbance, Worry, Anxiety, Melancholy.

72. Six of Pentacles.--Presents, Gifts, Gratification: 
R. Ambition, Desire, Passion, Aim, Longing.

73. Five of Pentacles.--Lover or Mistress, Love, Sweetness, Affection, Pure and Chaste Love; 
R. Disgraceful Love, Imprudence, License, Profligacy.

74. Four of Pentacles.--Pleasure, Gaiety, Enjoyment, Satisfaction;
 R. Obstacles, Hindrances.

75. Three of Pentacles.--Nobility, Elevation, Dignity, Rank, Power; 
R. Children, Sons, Daughters, Youths, Commencement.

76. Deuce of Pentacles.--Embarrassment, Worry, Difficulties; 
R. Letter, Missive, Epistle, Message.

77. Ace of Pentacles.--Perfect Contentment, Felicity, Prosperity, Triumph; 
R. Purse of Gold, Money, Gain, Help, Profit, Riches. Protection Status
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